was launched to provide the opportunity for collectors or investors to obtain Rare, Collectible, Vintage, Historical, Unique, Unusual / Uncommon or Harder To Find gold and silver bullion bars, whether in minted or cast / poured form, in all possible sizes and weights from all parts of the world.

We may offer gold or silver bullion bars that are no longer in production by its original refiner or manufacturer or bullion that are slightly limited in circulation these days or bullion bars that are real collectors items, rare, unique, vintage pieces, bullion that is just so exceptional, beautiful and collectible whether in minted or cast form.
Many of those items are possibly harder to obtain directly by most traditional bullion merchants, precious metal manufacturers, retailers or precious metal refiners and bullion or coin dealers; if even available in the physicial bullion market.
Many of the refiners or manufacturers of those precious metals are non-existent or no longer active today and if there are bullion bars that are or were still left in circulation from these refiners or manufacturers, they may be melted down every day or over the past years while being circulated. All of those bullion bars may be considered rare and collectible and which are also certainly always harder to find.

You may also find by us
bullion from refiners or brand names that are not very well known or less popular or perhaps not so common worldwide and which therefore are not always known to the public everywhere or bullion that are not from the traditional or classic and popular manufacturers, mints, refiners or banks you get to see every day and which may less be seen or known internationally or bullion with a more limited production or a lower mintage, bullion that have a 'special' or 'limited edition' production or that have an exquisite design or that has a low serial number as well as bullion that may have a more unusual or less common weight or size (Tolas, Tael, Baht) or have an unusual purity as opposed to 999.9 (965, 995.0, 996, 996.5, 999.0, 999.2, 999.5, 999.7, 999.8, 1000)

Should some bullion bars that we may offer not always be considered of the rarest in certain countries, they still are possibly collectible and sought after by many gold and silver bullion enthousiasts or gold and silver bullion collectors worldwide or in other countries where those bullion bars in fact are likely to be considered more rare, knowing that the same bullion would not always be easely immediately obtainable in every country or every part of the world other then perhaps, the country of origin as well as that not every supplier, refinery or bullion merchant would possibly arrange international shipping or that the same bullion would not always immediately be available in stock.
Here at
we can deliver worldwide to your door with reliable secured and insured shipping and hold precious metals in stock for immediate dispatch whitin 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Our aim is to always try obtain the most collectible and rare gold and silver bullion bars in minted or cast form in all weights and sizes by our extended network of close contacts with various reputable refiners or manufacturers and some international respected bullion merchants as well as private banks and private collectors who regularly are able to provide us with the most collectible and rare pieces.

All of our gold and silver bullion, whether originating from a refinery that is LBMA-accredited or not, are guaruanteed to contain the highest quality and standards of gold and silver bullion, originating from reputable or well-respected refineries.

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