When you are ready to sell your rare, collectible, vintage or historical bullion items, we are here to assist you.

We often purchase a wide variety of rare bullion items and do our best to pay the best possible prices.


  • E-mail Us a picture of the item you are willing to sell and we will reply shortly with our best possible price quote / offer.
  • If you agree on the price, contact us via telephone or E-mail to confirm when the package is being sent to us with insured delivery.
  • Make sure your full name, address, e-mail, and telephone number is included.
  • If you are not a recognized dealer or do not provide us with a sales invoice, we will then need a signature on the purchase invoice that we will e-mail you. (we may ask for ID documents as well)
  • We will call or e-mail you the day the package arrives.
  • After checking the authenticity of your bullion, a wire transfer of the agreed total amount will be sent out to you the same day.